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One way of creating approval workflows with OTRS

Approval workflows can be created in different ways on OTRS.

There is a simple way to do that using ITSMIncidentProblemManagement.

With ITSMIncidentProblemManagement package, you get a Decision link on ticket menu. Obviously some configurations have to be done in order to this link be shown only for some users like a department manager (we will call this role decision makers now on). This also can be made in different ways.

I’d like to show a way to create those workflows. I made it this days and see to be efficient.

The concept

We have a group called Service Desk which watchs a queue called “ServiceDesk”. This team receives and process all tickets on the system and try to solve them. They also send some tickets to approval when it’s needed.

So we have to create a queue for each decision group. We may have decision makers on IT and decision makers on HR department for example.

We have those queues on the system:

  • ServiceDesk
  • Ask Approval
    • IT Decision Makers
    • HR Decision Makers
  • Infraestructure specialist
  • Applications specialist

When the ServiceDesk identifies a request which needs approval, they send it to the respective decision maker group.

The Decision Maker approves or not the ticket and he or she move it again to the service desk queue.

How to show Decision link only for decision makers?

Decision Makers will be registered on 2 groups: decisionit and decisionhr

Go to the SysConfig and access Ticket -> Frontend::Agent::Ticket::MenuModule

Find Ticket::Frontend::MenuModule###420-Decision and add a key called “Group” with this content: “rw:decisionit;rw:decisionhr”.

And it’s done!

Making it better

To make the decision maker’s life easier, I created a module (and a package) that moves the ticket to a “next defined queue”, in the same screen where the approval is done. In our example, the ticket will be moved back to the ServiceDesk queue.

You can download this package here.

After it’s installation, you may configure it on Sysconfig -> Ticket -> Frontend::Agent::Ticket::ViewDecisionMove

Other ways

I think OTRS is a very flexible (and not high documented) tool. So, if you know another way to make decisions workflows, please share with us 🙂